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The Assetz Capital platform is no longer open to investment from individual investors. No new investments into peer-to-peer loans are possible and, as a result, no new funds should be deposited. The existing loan book relating to the Retail platform is now in run-off and this will, over time, deliver the return of capital to investors. Full information can be found here . Existing Retail lenders can still log in, view information regarding their account and loan holdings and operate their account in accordance with the information regarding the run-off provided on the link above. Please see this important message regarding the currency of the information on the pages on this website.

This section of the web site is being maintained and the information displayed is receiving periodic updates. Please see this important message regarding the currency of the information shown in other parts of the web site.

Frequently asked questions

We get lots of questions from investors and borrowers about peer-to-peer lending. On this page, we've set out the ones that get asked most often.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our team is ready and waiting to help you.

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How do I make a complaint?

You are able to make a complaint by contacting Assetz Capital and speaking to our customer services team or your point of contact. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can provide us with details of your complaint by letter or e-mail instead. Please visit our complaints page for full contact details. -

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?

If you would like to unsubscribe from our mailing list, please visit your account dashboard where you can change your mailing preferences.

If you’ve forgotten your log in details, please email and one of our lender team will help you to unsubscribe.

How does Assetz Capital prevent fraud and anti-money laundering?

Assetz Capital complies with UK regulations on the prevention of fraud and money laundering.

Every borrower is spoken to face-to-face in person or by video call. A surveyor, Assetz Capital employee or both, visit the site of the security that is offered in support of the loan. Assetz Capital undertakes business checks to ensure each business is doing what it professes to do. In addition to this credit searches and Companies House checks are also performed to confirm the authenticity of the business.

What default interest rate is due to lenders should a loan default and default interest start accruing?

Lender default interest rates vary on a loan-by-loan basis. The typical lender default interest rate will be 3% per annum above the normal interest rate on the loan.  Should this differ on any loan then the actual default interest rate for that loan will be noted clearly in the loan documentation.

How does Assetz Capital assess potential borrowers?

Assetz Capital has a team of proactive Relationship Directors who are happy to meet potential businesses that require funding. They are supported by a highly experienced, time served, Credit team, and between them they look to apply real world, common sense principles alongside financial metrics.

There are some key questions that we look to ask when lending: -

  1. Do we understand the entity to whom we are asked to lend, and do they have relevant experience?
  2. Are we secured at an appropriate level for the deal proposed?
  3. Can we follow the monies advanced to its intended purpose? Is the amount sufficient? And the Purpose acceptable?
  4. Can the Borrower service the repayments with sufficient headroom?
  5. Is the proposed exit deemed realistic and achievable?

Once in possession of this information we will decide if this is an appropriate risk to place to Lenders. In the vast majority of cases we will have have met the potential borrower and viewed the asset offered as security.

When considering development funding we prefer to fully fund from the outset including interest costs. The questions above will apply although equally important is whether we are building the right property for the location, and how long it will take the properties to be absorbed into the marketplace through sales.

7 day grace period on payments

We allow for a 7-day grace period on payments, as there are occasions when cash flows are delayed in addition to having to allow for weekends and Bank Holidays. A balance has to be struck in order to make the process of monitoring loans both a practical and yet robust proposition and we feel this period is reasonable.

What are Assetz Capital's predicted default and loss rates?

Our expected defaults and losses data along with actual defaults and losses data is updated regularly for all investors to view. To see and find out more about how we calculate these figures, please visit our Defaults & Losses page