Don't invest unless you're prepared to lose money. This is a high-risk investment. You may not be able to access your money easily and are unlikely to be protected if something goes wrong. Take 2 minutes to learn more.

The Assetz Capital platform is no longer open to investment from individual investors. No new investments into peer-to-peer loans are possible and, as a result, no new funds should be deposited. The existing loan book relating to the Retail platform is now in run-off and this will, over time, deliver the return of capital to investors. Full information can be found here . Existing Retail lenders can still log in, view information regarding their account and loan holdings and operate their account in accordance with the information regarding the run-off provided on the link above. Please see this important message regarding the currency of the information on the pages on this website.

This section of the web site is being maintained and the information displayed is receiving periodic updates. Please see this important message regarding the currency of the information shown in other parts of the web site.

Frequently asked questions

We get lots of questions from investors and borrowers about peer-to-peer lending. On this page, we've set out the ones that get asked most often.

If you can't find the answer you're looking for, our team is ready and waiting to help you.

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A. Two-Factor Authentication

What is Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?

Two-factor authentication (2FA) helps keep you safer online by providing an extra layer of security that requires a time-restricted, single-use code sent directly to your phone. You have the option to receive your unique code either by traditional text (SMS), phone call or via the 'Authy' app available for free on your iOS or Android device. The choice is yours.

Why have you introduced 2FA?

This change is for your benefit – to make the platform, and your funds, more secure from online threats.

How do I set up 2FA?

You can set up 2FA by clicking this link Follow the on-screen instructions to progress. If you need any assistance, please contact our office on:

Telephone: 0800 470 0430 , option 1

Live chat

Can I use a landline?

Yes, you can use a UK or non-UK landline to listen to your code.

What is Authy?

Authy is a free mobile / desktop app for Two-Factor Authentication, as well as security partner and SMS delivery service, for many websites that want to make Two-Factor Authentication work better for their users. For more information click here

Can I use Authy offline?

Once set up, both Authy for desktop and the Authy mobile apps support working offline with no internet connection. You simply open the app, select the site / service you wish to authenticate, and type the code that is shown into your web browser.

Does Authy work on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops as well as non-smartphone mobiles?

Authy provide options for different platforms. They provide a smartphone app for Android and iOS, desktop apps for Windows and Mac and a browser plug-in for Chrome. Whilst there is no Authy desktop app for Linux, the Chrome browser plug-in is supported on Linux. Please visit Authy for more details to find out which solution is most suitable for you.

Can I register multiple Authy accounts on the same device?

No, your Authy account is tied to your mobile phone number, so you can only use a single Authy account per mobile device.

Can I use the same Authy account to access multiple Assetz Capital accounts?

Yes, you can setup 2FA on more than one Assetz Capital account using the same Authy account.

I don’t have a smart phone. Can I still use the Authy app?

Yes, you can download a desktop app for either Windows or Mac, or alternatively download the Authy plug-in for the Chrome browser.

Authy is asking me for a QR or Key. What do I do?

This would happen if the Authy app does not recognise that you have registered your Assetz Capital account for 2FA with Authy.

Please take the following steps:

• Ensure that your authentication method is set to “Authy”

• Ensure that the phone number you have registered with Authy matches the telephone number you have registered with Assetz Capital

• If your telephone number matches and you have your authentication method set to Authy then you should receive codes on your Authy app or plug in.

• If you’re still having issues please call the office on 0800 470 0430 option 1, email or Live Chat

When I reach the maximum number of login attempts (5) what should I do?

Get in touch with the customer service team and once you have passed standard security verification, we will aim to remove the lock on your account. You should then be able to log in.

Please note that repeated failed attempts to complete 2FA with Authy may result in your Authy account being locked out for up to 1 hour.

Why is there not an email option for 2FA?

Two-Factor Authentication uses an app or phone line (mobile and landline) because it adds an additional layer of security that is more secure than email alone.

What should I do if I don’t receive my 2FA code to my mobile phone?
  • Check that you have good network coverage. You will need coverage to receive text messages and phone calls.
  • Try turning your phone off and on before requesting a new code. Always use the latest received code during the 2FA.
  • If the codes are not being delivered by SMS or you’re having other technical issues, please contact our Lender Team on 0800 470 0430 (option 1), email or use our Live Chat facility.

What should I do if I don’t receive 2FA codes to my landline number?

  • Check that your line is active. If you are having issues receiving calls from other numbers, then this would suggest the issue is with your telephone connection.
  • Check that your line is free, if someone is using the line your codes may have been delivered to your voicemail. The codes do expire after a few minutes so you may want to request a new code.
  • If you have any call blocking software on your landline this may prevent the code being delivered. You may wish to disable this software temporarily when you need the code.
  • If you’re still having issues please contact our Lender Team on 0800 470 0430 (option 1), email or use our Live Chat facility.

When will I need to use 2FA?

Logging onto the platform, making withdrawal requests, selling loan parts at a discount, updating your profile and changing your communications preferences all require you to use Two-factor authentication. You can reduce the number of times you use 2FA to log in from the profile area of your dashboard.

Is a valid phone number a requirement for 2FA?

A valid phone number is required for initial setup. If you’ve selected Authy as your authentication method, once you’ve set it up, you can complete 2FA either via Authy’s app or desktop version.

If you don't have access to the phone number you registered Two-Factor Authentication against, please call the customer service desk and we can update your number after we complete standard security verification.

Can I opt-out of 2FA?

No, 2FA is a mandatory requirement on our platform. You can reduce the number of times you use Two-Factor Authentication; however, it will still be required for sensitive areas of your account.

B. Creating an Account & Account Settings

How do I set up an Account / Register?

In order to start investing click here to register. We will need to take a few details, confirm your identity and secure your account. If you require any assistance setting up your account, please contact our customer service desk on 0800 470 0430 (Option 1).

I am being asked to set up a PIN number, what is this for?

When you contact Assetz Capital we will need to verify that we are speaking to the account holder. We may ask you to confirm digits from your PIN number.

I have moved address. What documents do I need to provide you with?

You can either give us a call to change your address or if you would prefer to contact us via email, we make this change for you. However, if you want to make this change via email you will need to provide a scanned copy of one of the following documents, showing your new address:

• A Bank Statement or Utility Bill (not mobile phone), dated within the last 3 months and that has been received in the post

• Driving Licence

Please send the document(s) to

How do I reset my password?

Please visit our password-reset page and enter your username or email address to receive a link via email to reset your password.

If you still need further assistance in requesting a new password, please get in touch with one of our lender team today by calling 0800 470 0430 (Option 1).

I need to change my surname to my married name. Do I need to send in my marriage certificate?

Yes. We require a copy of your marriage certificate. Please send a scanned copy of the document(s) to

I am being asked to set up a memorable word, what is this for?

When you contact Assetz Capital we will need to verify that we are speaking to the account holder. We may ask you to confirm characters from your memorable word.

I am being asked to change my password, why is this?

As part of our efforts to improve security for investors we are ensuring that all investor passwords meet a minimum standard.

Register as an investor

C. Protecting your investment

Is my money protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?

It is important for our lenders to be aware that, like all peer-to-peer lending platforms, we fall outside of the scope of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”), though we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This means that, should a peer-to-peer lending platform fail for any reason, those investing (lending) directly via the platform would have no recourse to the FSCS.

You can read more about the FSCS here:

Where is investor money held?

Any monies transferred to our platform, but not yet lent to a borrower are held in a designated client money account in accordance with FCA rules. This account is “ring-fenced” from Assetz Capital’s own money and is protected in the event that anything should happen to Assetz Capital, safeguarding clients’ funds. The account is held with Barclays Bank.

Monies which are lent to borrowers via any of our accounts are with the borrower for their use under the terms of their loan agreement and as such there is a degree of risk to your capital; in this case, if the borrower is unable to repay their loan.

I have failed my registration. What documents do I need to provide you with?

We will require Proof of Address and Proof of Identity. We can accept scanned copies of the following documents:

  • Proof of Address: A Bank Statement or Utility Bill (not mobile phone), within the last 3 months and that has been received in the post
  • Proof of Identity: Driving Licence or Passport

Please send the documents to

D. Starting to invest

Are there any maximum investment limits in any of the accounts on the platform?

Yes, the current maximum direct investment per person for the Quick Access Account (QAA) and the Money Supermarket 30 Day Access Account (MSM30DAA) can be found on the relevant investment account pages.

There are no limits on any other investment accounts or the Cash Account.

Why do some accounts have lower interest rates than others?

The features of the different accounts affect their target interest rates.  For example:

  • Some accounts are designed to be more liquid than others in normal market conditions and may offer lower target rates of return as a result.
  • Some accounts allow automatic investment and automatic diversification. 
  • Our Manual Lending Account typically offers the highest gross rates of return (before allowances for any possible losses) but requires lenders to select loans, allocate funds and diversify themselves manually.  Actual net returns from the Manual Lending Account (after any losses which might occur) could be higher or lower than from one of the automated accounts depending on the loans selected by the lender.

How long does it take for funds to be fully invested?

Depending on the account chosen investment can be immediate (if loan parts are available) or must wait until there is sufficient capacity to accept your funds. We don’t restrict investors or the amounts they can place on the platform and loans are equally available to all. As such it can take longer for larger amounts to be invested than a smaller amount. Loan origination is also a factor as investment is limited by the volume of loans available.

Do I need to deposit funds into the Manual Lending Account (MLA) when setting up ‘Buy Instructions’ manually?

Yes, you must ensure that in addition to setting ‘Buy Instructions’ you also deposit funds into the Manual Lending Account (MLA) so your 'Buy instructions' can purchase available loan parts.

How long is my cash tied up for?

Loan term lengths can be anything from 1 month to 5 years.

Investors have the option to list their loan parts for sale at any time if they wish to free up their capital. The sale of loan parts is subject to demand from other investors (including any auto-invest accounts).  For this reason, Assetz Capital cannot guarantee that loan part will be sold on the secondary market, only that it is possible to do so if there are other lenders willing to buy those loan parts.

When using one of our investment accounts, if you wish to take part or all of your capital out at any point, you need to click on the “Withdraw” button and enter the amount you wish to remove from the account.  The system will then attempt to sell loan units for you as fast as possible in order to free up your funds.  However please remember that these sales are still subject to demand from other lenders.

Will the funds sitting in my Cash Account be automatically used by the Manual Lending Account (MLA)?

No, any funds on the platform sat outside the Manual Lending Account (MLA) will not automatically be used by the MLA, e.g. money in the Cash Account or any of the other accounts.

How do I deposit/move funds into the Manual Lending Account (MLA)?

To deposit funds into the Manual Lending Account (MLA) you can either send funds directly to it by following the instructions on the Manage Funds page, or if you already have funds on the platform in your Cash Account you can click on the 'Start Investing' button on the MLA, which will allow you to transfer in funds. Only funds from your Cash Account can be transferred in.

Why do I have funds sitting at ‘Awaiting Investment’?

It can take longer for funds to get invested on our platform when there is more money placed into the accounts than there are loan parts available. If this happens, we tell you that your funds are awaiting investment so you can decide to wait or move them to another interest generating part of the platform.

How do I calculate my tax liability?

Any interest earned from any loan is treated as investment income by the tax man. The return you receive on your investment with Assetz Capital is paid gross; no tax is deducted “at source” by peer-to-peer lending platforms.  Our investors are responsible for the payment of any tax due of them to HM Revenue & Customs.  Tax will be payable at your marginal rate.

Investors can download a tax statement from their account dashboard which will calculate the amount of interest earned within a specified period for tax purposes.

We are not able to offer specific tax advice, so we recommend that you consult a tax adviser if you are uncertain about the treatment of your investment returns.

Is there a minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount per loan on the Assetz Capital platform is £1. We encourage manual investors to consider spreading their risk by diversifying their money across as many loans as possible.

What does ‘Target Capped Rates’ mean?

Some of our accounts offer ‘Target Capped rates’. This means the account is aiming to achieve a maximum advertised return, but it could be lower.

How do I manually browse loan opportunities?

With Assetz Capital, you have the choice to use our automated investment accounts or to manually browse loan opportunities to hand-pick your portfolio. To see all of our current loans available for manual selection, please visit the ‘Manual Lending Account’ section of your account dashboard.

How often is interest payable?

Loans can have differing repayment plans. Some pay interest and capital monthly. Others may be interest only, whereby your interest is payable monthly and capital repaid upon loan term. Some shorter-term loans also offer a single bullet repayment of accrued interest and capital at the end of the loan term.  Please note that individual repayment plans for borrowers can vary - some have interest only plans followed by specific principal profiles (quarterly, monthly etc.). When using our investment account, you can choose to reinvest repayments, withdraw interest as it is received or withdraw all repayments.

Is there a limit on the ‘Invest Idle Funds’ sweep function?

Yes, you can invest up to a £100,000 of your idle funds via our sweep function in your standard and another £100,000 in your IFISA accounts. This figure was accurate as at May 2019.

Is there a limit to the amount of funds that can be deposited onto the platform?

No, any amount of funds can be deposited.

E. Assetz Capital Investment Accounts

How do the Assetz Investment Accounts work?

The Assetz Investment Accounts offer investors an easy way to invest through our platform, without having to spend time manually managing their loan selection.

Based on predefined types of security and rates of return thresholds, our product range allows you to be as prudent or as adventurous as you like in your strategy. This investment option auto-diversifies your portfolio across loans that fall within predefined targets for a more hands-off investment experience.

What happens if there aren't enough loans to allocate my funds to?

When you transfer funds into an investment account, the system will automatically diversify your account funds across many matching loans at any given time, with the aim of doing so in an equal and proportionate way and subject to loan availability. For example, if 50 suitable loans are available, the account will aim to invest approximately 2% of account funds into each loan. Likewise, with only five suitable loans, the account will aim to invest approximately a fifth (20%) of account funds into each loan.

Please note that in situations where the number of loans matching the account criteria is low, diversification is only possible across the matching loans - this may mean that the actual extent of the automatic diversification may be limited unless/until new loans become available. In such a scenario, the percentage invested in any one loan may rise.

Any funds sat in a particular account, which are yet to be allocated, will be displayed on the account as “awaiting Investment.” 

Can I exclude certain loans from investment accounts?

No, you can’t opt out of any loans which meet the mandate for an investment account.

What is Assetz Capital’s definition of "Normal Market Conditions"?

“Normal market conditions” means economic conditions are reasonably stable, our lenders are making withdrawals from the ‘Access Accounts’ (Quick Access, 30 Day Access & 90 Day Access Accounts) in the normal course of business and other lenders are willing and able to buy their loan units through those accounts and others that we offer. Our Access Accounts also hold a certain amount of cash “liquid” to help increase the liquidity of withdrawal requests above and beyond normal market supply and demand.

However, past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance and abnormal market conditions could possibly change the speed of withdrawals. Abnormal market conditions would be if there was a very large, sudden and extended demand to withdraw cash from the Access Accounts. This might be caused by a global recession, an abrupt and widespread loss of faith in peer-to-peer lending or a number of other situations. Therefore if a significant number of lenders chose to withdraw their cash in significant quantities and no (or few) new lenders were available to buy their loan parts, conditions would at that point be abnormal and the Access Accounts would not be then able to maintain their current speed of access for withdrawals.

Ultimately this could mean that lenders may have to wait until a buyer could be found for their loans held within the Access Accounts, or until the loans were repaid over time by the borrowers (through monthly repayments made by borrowers or by loans naturally reaching the end of their term for full repayment). The repayment of loans should continue to create some capital which would be available for withdrawal by investors regardless of market conditions being abnormal.

This is the reason that we quote the “in normal market conditions” message everywhere that we refer to Access Account withdrawal times; we can’t guarantee access times in all possible economic scenarios and we want our lenders to understand that.

How many loans will my portfolio be diversified across?

When using our Investment Accounts, the system will automatically diversify your portfolio for you. The platform will attempt to diversify your portfolio down to 2% of your total holdings in any loan, provided there are at least 100 loans matching the account criteria.  Please note that in situations where the number of loans matching the account criteria is low, diversification is only possible across the matching loans – this may mean that the actual extent of the automatic diversification may be limited unless/until new loans become available. In such a scenario the percentage invested in any one loan may rise.

For more detailed information on how the system works, please read our terms and conditions

What happens if a loan defaults?

If there is an adverse-material change within a loan you are participating in, we will inform you via the web site as soon as we know. Once a loan goes into default, it will be marked on the system.

For more information on our default procedures please visit our Defaults & Losses page -

F. Account Queries

What is the ‘Invest Idle Funds Feature’ and what does it do?

It is a way to earn loan interest on funds that are awaiting investment or sat in your cash account. If you turn it on funds are swept into your Quick Access Account (QAA), up to a maximum of £100,000 (accurate as of November 2019) and will earn loan interest at the rate the QAA is generating. However, if the funds are needed back by the source account, the QAA aims to release them as fast as possible, subject to normal market conditions.  Access times cannot be guaranteed.

G. Defaulted Loans

If you invest in one of the Access Accounts and a loan goes into default and ultimately experiences a loss, will it only affect the Lenders who have invested in that loan?

All investors using the Access Accounts (Quick Access, 30 Day Access, Moneysupermarket 30 Day Access and 90 Day Access accounts) will be diversified across all the loans within these accounts. Any loan which results in a default and subsequent loss will affect all investors in those accounts equally. 

What security does Assetz Capital take over loans?

The main criterion for loan approval is the ability of the business to repay the loan. The amount of security offered proportionately reduces the risk for the investor, which in turn reduces the level of interest they are seeking on the loan.

All loans listed on the Assetz Capital platform have asset security. We take the following forms of security over loans:

• A legal charge placed on a property.

• A debenture providing a floating charge over the business’ assets including stock, debtors, cash and any fixed assets that are not currently charged to another lender.

• Asset specific charges such as a chattel mortgage on a piece of equipment or interest registered at HPI on a vehicle.

• A personal guarantee from the directors or partners in a business, or a company guarantee from a related company.

The actual security pledged in support of a loan is described in the credit report for that loan.

H. Account Terms and Conditions

I am a Non-UK Resident; will I need to provide Assetz Capital with ID documents when registering an account?

Yes, we will require Proof of Address and Proof of Identity to complete a ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) check. We can accept scanned copies of the following documents to satisfy these checks:

• Proof of Address: A Bank Statement or Utility Bill (not mobile phone), within the last 3 months and that has been received in the post

• Proof of Identity: UK Driving Licence, EU issued ID card or Passport

Please send the documents to

I am an EU resident and I don’t hold a UK Sterling Bank Account; can I invest with Assetz Capital? If not, what can I do to be able invest with you?

If you don’t have a UK Sterling Bank Account, then you cannot invest with Assetz Capital.

Some UK Banks offer UK Sterling bank accounts for Non-UK residents, currently living in the EU. Please find below a list of some of the UK Banks that we believe may currently offer this service:

• Barclays

• The Co-Operative Bank


• Lloyds Banking Group

• Nationwide

• Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)

• NatWest

• Ulster Bank


You will need to contact these banks to see if they can provide you with a UK Sterling Bank Account before applying to become a Lending Member.

Can Non-UK residents invest with Assetz Capital?

Yes, overseas residents can invest on our platform as long as they hold a UK Sterling bank account and we are able to verify their address and identity overseas.

Do I need to hold a UK Sterling bank account in order to invest with Assetz Capital?

Yes, a UK Sterling bank account is required.

I have adverse credit and I don’t hold a UK Sterling bank account, but I want to invest on Assetz Capital, what can I do?

Basic (fee free) bank accounts are now available to anyone who doesn’t already have a bank account or who can’t use their existing account due to financial difficulty. Please find more information regarding this on GOV.UK

Can an under 18-year-old register an account on your platform?

No. Persons under the age of 18 are not able to enter into a formal contract and therefore are unable to make a loan to a third party. As such they cannot participate.

I. Transfer of Payment

Can I withdraw money from my Assetz Capital account to an account in somebody else’s name?

No, funds can only be withdrawn to a bank account in your name.

Can I set up a regular payment to my Assetz Capital account?

Yes, you can set up a standing order with your bank, telling them how much to send and how often. You will need to give them our bank details and the reference numbers from your ‘Manage Funds’ page.

If I want to transfer money from my Bank Account to my Dashboard, how long will this take?

If all the required reference numbers have been supplied, as per your 'Manage Funds' page, and they match up correctly, then the fastest it can be is within 1 hour for Faster Payments. For other payments, including CHAPS, this will be a minimum of next working day. If your payment is not visible after 2 working days, please contact us immediately as additional information may be needed in order to allocate your payment correctly.

J. Withdrawal

How long do withdrawals take?

Typically, withdrawal requests may take up to 2 working days to be processed providing you already have a Designated Bank Account set up.

How do I withdraw funds?

You can withdraw your funds by completing the ‘Withdraw Funds’ boxes on the ‘Manage Funds’ page. Please ensure that the bank account specified is in your name which matches your Assetz Capital registration details and please double check to ensure that all details entered are correct.

K. Interest

Can I automatically withdraw the interest earned in my investment accounts, so it goes back to my Cash account?

Yes, you can. Simply click the ‘On Repayment’ button on any of the investment accounts and select the ‘Withdraw Interest’ option. As interest is received it will automatically be moved to your Cash Account. From here you can then withdraw it back to your bank account via the Manage Funds page as required.

If I invest my money in the Access Accounts when does interest get paid to my account?

If you invest in either the Quick Access, 30 Day Access, Moneysupermarket 30 Day Access or 90 Day Access accounts, the interest earned in any particular month gets paid into your account on the on the first day of the following month.

If I invest in the Manual Lending Account (MLA) when does the interest get paid to my account?

Interest gets paid on invested funds throughout the month at different times depending on each individual borrower’s repayment date. Please note that funds sat at ‘Awaiting Investment’ are non-interest bearing.

Why does my accrued interest figure on my Dashboard fluctuate?

Accrued interest is due but not yet received. The dashboard figure will go up as interest falls due and will decrease when it is received. The figure on the dashboard is there to give investors an idea of what they can expect to be paid, assuming the borrowers make payment in full and on time.


What is my annual ISA allowance?

The annual ISA allowance may vary each tax year. The ISA allowance for 2019-20 tax year is £20,000. You may wish to consult the government website for updates and changes to the annual ISA allowance.

Who can open an IFISA?

You must be 18 or over (16 or over for a Cash ISA), a resident in the UK or a Crown servant (e.g. diplomatic or overseas civil service) or their spouse or civil partner if you do not live in the UK.  You cannot hold an IFISA with or on behalf of someone else.

What is an Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA)?

The IFISA allows individuals to use their annual ISA allowance to lend funds through investments such as Loan Based Crowdfunding or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and Crowdfunded Debt Securities.

When is the tax year?

The tax year runs from 6th April one year to the 5th April the following year.

Can I earn interest on cash?

No, uninvested cash funds do not earn interest.

What is an Individual Savings Account (ISA)?

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account and is not a product in its own right. An ISA is a 'wrapper' in which you can shelter savings and investments from tax.

There are multiple types of ISA available; a Cash ISA, a Stocks and Shares ISA, an Innovative Finance ISA, and Lifetime ISA.

You can put money into one of each kind of ISA, up to a set limit, each tax year. This limit is known as your ‘ISA allowance’. Any returns or gains made from money placed in an ISA are not subject to income and capital gains tax.

What is the difference between a cash ISA, a stock and shares ISA and an Innovative Finance ISA?

Cash ISAs can include savings in bank and building society accounts and some National Savings and Investments products.

Stocks & Shares ISAs can include shares in companies, unit trusts and investment funds, corporate bonds and government bonds.

Innovative Finance ISAs can include Peer-to-Peer Loans (loans that you give to other people or businesses without using a bank) and Crowdfunding Debentures (investing in a business by buying its debt).

How many ISAs can I have in one year?

You can have one of each type of ISA each tax year, so long as the total amount invested into your ISA is within the limit of the annual ISA allowance. For example, you can subscribe to one cash ISA, one stock and shares ISA and one Innovative Finance ISA in each tax year.

In the next tax-year you can subscribe to an additional ISA of each type again.

Can an IFISA be held with more than one provider?

Yes, but it is more complex due to the ‘one of each type’ rule. 

• Every tax year the IFISA provider can be changed so there are multiple IFISAs with multiple providers. This requires opening a new IFISA each year with different providers.

• Investors can transfer funds between ISA managers. This is especially useful if there are funds subscribed to ISAs in previous years that investors want to invest in P2P. Investors can transfer funds to more than one IFISA provider. See the relevant FAQs below, for more detail on transferring ISAs. 

How can I set up my Assetz Capital IFISA?

You may set up your IFISA by registering for an Assetz Capital account here:

Existing Assetz Capital account holders may log into their account and choose the ‘IFISA’ option on your Dashboard page. You will need to have your National Insurance Number to hand to complete the process.

How do I subscribe to my Assetz Capital IFISA?

You subscribe by creating an IFISA Account via the Dashboard page of your existing Standard Assetz Capital Account. If you don’t already have a Standard Assetz Capital Account you will need to create one first – See Section B, above, regards creating an Account. Once your IFISA is created you can deposit funds to any of the Accounts contained within the IFISA wrapper. This depositing of funds then formalises your subscription. Setting up the account and not depositing any funds will not count as subscription. You can do this by sending cash, not already in an ISA, directly to any of the accounts by using the Depositing Funds section of the Manage Funds page. You can also subscribe by transferring in previous years ISA contribution from other ISA providers, but you will have to kick off this process by contacting your current ISA provider and completing their own transfer form.

All subscriptions must be in cash, so any non-cash ISA holdings must be converted to cash prior to being placed into your IFISA with Assetz Capital. Your current ISA provider will have details on how this works specific to the ISA in question

Click here to learn more in our 'how to' guide.

How do I make an investment in my Assetz Capital IFISA?

Once you have successfully created your IFISA Account you can place funds into any of the Accounts available via your IFISA Dashboard in the normal way. 

Is there a minimum subscription amount?

Yes, the minimum initial subscription amount is £1.

Can I switch ISA provider?

You may switch providers for Innovative Finance or cash or stocks & shares ISAs, or vice versa, by transferring your existing ISA to your new ISA manager.

Click here to learn more in our 'how to' guide

When can I transfer my ISA from another provider to you?

You can transfer your ISA at any time, you do not have to wait until the end of the tax year.

Click here to learn more in our 'how to' guide

How much of my existing ISA can I transfer?

You can transfer all of your existing ISA; however, the minimum transfer in amount is £1.

For current year subscriptions:

If you have subscribed in the current year, you must transfer the amount subscribed in whole to the new ISA manager. Any income/interest credited to the ISA relating to the current year subscription would also need to be transferred.

For previous years subscriptions:

Investors can transfer whole or part of previous years’ investments to the new ISA manager.

Click here to learn more in our 'how to' guide

What is an Assetz Capital account?

An Assetz Capital account is our standard investment account. This account is always created when you sign up to Assetz Capital.

You do not have to make investments with your standard investment account. You may choose only to invest through your IFISA account.

Do I have a cancellation period?

If you decide you no longer want your IFISA, you will have the right to cancel your account within 14 calendar days of the date your account is opened. If you cancel within this period, you will remain eligible to open an IF ISA with us or another ISA manager. You will also not have used up any of your current year subscription. This will not apply if you cancel your IFISA after this period.

How do flexible ISAs work?

• If you only have an ISA containing cash from previous tax years:- Whatever you withdraw you can replace into the same account but this must be in the same tax year for it to count as replacing the cash withdrawn so not using any of your current year's allowance. You can't put back more than you took out even if you didn't fill last years' allowance.

• If you only have an ISA with money in it from the current tax year: - You can withdraw and then replace the same amount of funds within the current Tax Year and it won't count towards this year's allowance again.

• If you have both of the above: - Withdrawals are set against the current tax year's allowance first. If you withdraw an amount larger than the amount you have put in so far this Tax Year, then the extra amount is treated as being from previous years. When putting funds back in this works in reverse, with funds allocated to the previous year’s initially and if all replaced, funds are then allocated to the current year allowance. This must all happen in the same Tax Year.

Can I transfer existing investments from my Standard Assetz Capital Account into my IFISA account?

No, you cannot transfer existing investments that you have made in your Standard Assetz Capital Account into your IFISA. Investment must be liquidated first either by way of sale in the aftermarket or by a loan repayment. We cannot guarantee that this will be possible during any given tax year.

Can I carry forward any unused current year IFISA allowance into the next Tax Year?

No. If you do not use up your IFISA allowance, it will not be carried over to the next year.

What happens if I don’t make any investment in any one particular Tax Year?

If you open an IFISA, but do not subscribe any funds to it over the tax year, then it will be a considered a ‘break year’. This means that, because no subscriptions were made during the tax year, you will have to make a new ISA declaration next time you seek to subscribe in the IFISA.

M. Refer a friend

Can I refer my friends and family to Assetz Capital?

All of our investors, who have completed their registrations and invested on our platform will be able to refer friends and family to our platform.  The ‘Refer a Friend’ feature will be made available to investors as soon as they have met these criteria

How much will I earn by referring a friend?

Once your referral has met the criteria of the scheme you will receive your £75 bonus straight into your cash account on the 14th day of the following month, subject to terms and conditions.  For more information click here

How do I refer a friend?

If you’ve met the above criteria, you will see a ‘Refer a Friend’ tab in your dashboard.  In this section you will find your unique referral code that's required at the start of your friend’s registration process to qualify for the scheme.

How you make the referral is up to you. Pass on your code directly or use our automated email service with the option to personalise your message.

How long is my referral code valid for?

Your unique referral code will be activated at the start of your referral’s registration process, it will then be valid 60 days.  In order for you both to qualify for the refer a friend scheme your referral must have met all the criteria within 60 days.  Assetz Capital reserve the right to withdraw the scheme at any time, however you will be given 30 days' notice before your code will no longer be in use.

Can I request an update from your customer service team?

Whilst our customer service team are always happy to help, we are limited to the details we’re able to provide.  If your referral has given their consent for you to track their progress, we will be able to provide updates on their status, however the same information will be available via your dashboard.

N. Bereavement

My loved one has recently passed away and I believe they had an account with you. What do we do now?

We’re sorry to hear of your loss, however we’ll aim to make this as easy as we can. To start with, we’d ask you to fill out the Bereavement Form which can be downloaded here. Alternatively speak to our Bereavement Team on 0800 470 0430 (Option 1). They can also be emailed: 

I’m unsure what the account reference number is. How do I proceed?

The account reference number is helpful for us in identifying the correct account. The account reference number is used by lenders to make payments to their Assetz Capital account and therefore you may find it on a bank statement. Should you not be able to locate the reference, leave the field blank on the form and our Bereavement Team will follow up with you. 

I’m not sure if there was a balance on the account and therefore do not know whether I need to submit grant of probate. What do I do?

Once we have received the other documents outlined on the above form, we can inform you of the balance of the deceased’s holdings. At this point, you can then request grant of probate if required. 

My loved one held an IFISA with you – does that change things?

If an IFISA was held, we will only be able to liquidate this for you – we will not be able to provide you with access to the account.

I’m unable to provide a document to you as per your Bereavement form – is there any way around this?

Rest assured that we understand that each bereavement varies from person to person. We review documentation on a case by case basis and our bereavement team will follow-up with you to see if alternative information can be provided.

How long will it take to close the account?

Once all documents have been received and reviewed, liquidation will begin immediately thereafter and payments to the nominated bank account will be made on a quarterly basis if possible. Depending on what loans/accounts were chosen for investment, liquidation could be complete within the first quarter, but it may take longer as accounts have to be liquidated by selling the loan holdings to other lenders on our secondary market.  Please contact our Bereavement Team if you would like us to explain how this works in more detail. 

O. Designated Bank Accounts

How do I add a new bank account?

Log into your Assetz Capital dashboard. Select ‘manage funds’ and then ‘bank accounts’ from the dropdown menu. When you arrive at the ‘Designated Bank Accounts’ page click on ‘Add new account’. When prompted add the account name, sort code and account number of the bank account you would like to add. Click submit and approve the two-factor authentication request. You will then see your bank account details on the page, but it will still need to be verified: we use a third-party system to confirm that the bank account belongs to you to help to protect our lenders from fraud. Most bank accounts can be automatically verified however If we do require further Information from you to complete manual verification, we will contact you. 


Please note that a Designated Bank Account must be a UK bank account held in the name of the owner of the Assetz Capital account. 

How long does it take to verify an account?

Bank accounts are normally verified automatically. If for any reason the system doesn't verify your account, our team will make contact with you via email within 2 working days. As part of the process we may request more details or documentation before we can complete the manual verification.  We will aim to acknowledge receipt of your documents and process these within 2 working days, not including the day of submission. 

What does "added from a legacy transfer request" mean?

A "Legacy account" Is a bank account that has previously been verified for use on withdrawals. We have preloaded these details into your account to save you some time. You can relabel the account or delete it if you would like.     

How can I change the label or account?

You can change the name of the account by clicking on the little pencil icon beside the account name. This will make the existing name editable.     

How do I delete an account?

From your account list locate the ‘actions’ column. There will be two icons. If you click on the ‘rubbish bin’ icon to the left-hand side of the page, it will ask you to verify that you want to delete the account by sending you a verification code. 

How do I withdraw?

To withdraw to a new account you will have to follow the steps outlined in ‘How do I add a new bank account?”

. Once your new account is set up on the dashboard, verified and active you will be able to easily select it from the dropdown menu on the withdraw funds page. Typically, withdrawal requests may take up to 2 working days to be processed however this does not include the day of submission. 

What is pending review?

If you deposit funds from an account that is not listed on your Designated Bank Account page a new bank account will appear as "Pending Activation". The bank account will remain at this status until we verify that the account details belong to you.     

What does the status 'active' mean?

An account is considered active and ready to use once it has passed all checks. 

P. Great British Business Account Series 2 (GBBA2) & Property Secured Account (PSA) closure

Why have you closed the GBBA2 and PSA accounts to new investment?

We’ve closed these accounts to new investment to simplify the platform and create the best possible lending experience. Our Credit Policy is now that all loans must have property security. As such there is no longer a need for a differentiated Property Secured Account (PSA).

As we’ve grown our platform, we’ve listened to your feedback and monitored which accounts you’re investing through. With the popularity of the ‘Access Accounts,’ including the introduction of our 90 Day Account back in March this year, the growth of the GBBA2 and PSA has remained relatively static.

What does this mean for my current holdings in these closed accounts?

You can still hold them for the full term of the loan, however, any capital repayments or interest you receive from investments in the closed accounts will be transferred into your Cash Account or a chosen investment account (QAA/30DAA/90DAA or MLA)

Are my returns affected by the closures?

If you have loan holdings in these accounts, they will continue to seek to pay the target rate of gross interest (subject to individual loan performance and the provision fund).

Can I still sell my holdings?

If you do wish to sell some or all of your loan holdings in any of the closed accounts, you are still able to do this through the secondary market (subject to demand by other lenders) by selecting the ‘withdraw’ option in your dashboard.

Do I have to sell my holdings?

No. If you have loan holdings in these accounts, they will continue to seek to pay the target rate of gross interest (subject to individual loan performance). Over time, any interest received, and capital repaid from your investments in GBBA2 & PSA will be returned to your Cash Account for investment in other accounts at your discretion. In due course after all loan repayments or recoveries you will eventually have no holdings remaining in these two accounts.

Can I reinvest the interest earned and capital repaid in the GBBA2 and PSA back into the same accounts?

No, as the accounts are now closed to new investment all interest received and capital repaid will be transferred out of your GBBA 1&2, PSA or GEA Accounts.

What happens if I send a bank transfer using the GBBA 1 and 2, PSA or GEA reference?

This money will be credited to your Cash Account where it may not be interest bearing. You will then need to manually move it to one of the available accounts for it to become invested and earn interest. To avoid this, we recommend you update/delete any standing order or saved bank details you have to ensure you do not use inactive references.

Will the provision fund balance change as a result of an account closure?

The provision fund balance for this account will remain at the published level as at March 31st, 2019, less any use of the balance for provision fund payments to investors in the account. 

Q. Holding accounts

Why have my funds been placed into a holding account?

In accordance with regulatory requirements, funds can only be invested into Peer-to-Peer loans once lenders have “Certified” the type of investor they are and completed an Appropriateness Test. This is to protect lenders and to ensure that they understand the risks. Your funds are placed in a holding account until this process has been completed.

If I no longer wish to proceed, how can I can transfer my money back?

We are able to transfer unused funds back to the source bank account, but only if we are in possession of the full bank details. If we aren’t, we’ll ask you to register a Designated Bank Account so you can withdraw the funds in the normal way.

To arrange this, simply contact our Customer Service Team on 0800 470 0430 (option 1) or via our secure Live Chat on the website. The Team are available to help you between 9am and 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, except Bank Holidays.

I’ve transferred funds over to Assetz Capital but they’re not showing anywhere on my Account Dashboard. Can you help?

For deposits made via Faster Payments system, which is how banks usually send funds unless you select an alternative method, your funds will usually be received and credited to your Assetz Capital account within 90 minutes. Alternative methods of transferring funds, such as CHAPS payments, will be processed by the end of the following business day. An email notification will be sent to you when your funds have been credited.

In the events of errors or omissions in the data we receive, that are outside our control, it might take longer for your funds to be credited to your Assetz Capital accounts. In that case, we cannot be held responsible for delays in processing your deposits.

If your payment has not appeared in your account by the end of the following business day, please contact us directly via telephone 0800 470 0430 (option 1), secure live chat or via email, as additional information may be required prior to allocation.

How long will my funds be kept in a holding account?

Your funds will be kept in a holding account until you have completed Lender Certification and successfully passed the Appropriateness Test. We are unable to hold your funds indefinitely, therefore they will be returned after 20 working days if Lender Certification and/or the Appropriateness Test has not been completed. This should give you enough time to complete any required actions during this transitional period, following the enhanced FCA rules effective from 9th December 2019.

R. Depositing funds – effective from 12th March 2020

What has changed?

As of 12th March 2020, you are required to confirm the exact amount you wish to deposit in your dashboard prior to transferring funds from your bank.

Why are Assetz Capital implementing this process?

The FCA's Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS) provides rules for companies to follow whenever they hold or control client money or safe custody assets. We are implementing this new process in line with these rules.


Your security is also paramount to us and this new process will add an additional layer of security to ensure that funds invested in your account have been made by you and are for the amount expected.

What are the benefits for the investor?

We want to help you get your funds invested in your chosen account as quickly as possible. This process will reduce the number of deposits that have to be manually allocated by confirming your intentions in advance, so your funds are interest-bearing as soon as possible.

What happens if I deposit funds without recording an intention beforehand?

If you don't set up an intention of depositing funds in the dashboard, the next time you log into your account, you will need to confirm that you have made the deposits by clicking on the 'review' button.


You can then confirm or change the destination account and also confirm that the deposit was made by you. Alternatively, you can reject the deposit and the funds will be returned to the account they came from.


Without your confirmation we can't accept your funds, so they will be placed into a holding account. If after 9 working days, you have not confirmed the deposit, the funds will be returned back to the same bank account. (You have from before 6:30pm on day 1 until midnight on day 9 to confirm your intentions.)

How does this affect deposits into an IFISA?

ISA transfer from another provider:


Any transfers for another provider won’t be affected by this process as the ISA transfer process acts as your deposit intention.


Deposit from your bank directly into an IFISA:


You will need to follow the normal depositing process as outlined here (link to blog).


If you do not set a deposit intention, you will need to log in to your account and follow the instructions as per the process in the previous response.


Please note that if you want the deposit to count towards the current year’s IFISA allowance, you must confirm your deposit intention and ensure that your funds have cleared before the end of the current tax year.

Will I have to follow this process if I move funds from my standard account to my IFISA account?

No, this process only applies to new funds deposited onto the Assetz Capital platform.

What happens if I provide a deposit intention for a certain amount but then change my mind and deposit a different amount?

You will need to log into your account and confirm that you have made the deposit by clicking on the 'review' button.


You can then confirm or change the destination account and also confirm that the deposit was made by you. Alternatively, you can reject the deposit and the funds will be returned by to the account they came from.

What happens if I provide a deposit intention but then change my mind and decide not to deposit at all?

You can cancel your deposit intention on the platform. Alternatively, your intention will simply be removed after 9 working days, after which time you will need a set up a new deposit intention. (You have from before 6:30pm on day 1 until midnight on day 9 to confirm your intentions.)

What happens to my funds if I do not confirm my deposit intention within the 9 working days?

If your deposit intention expires, funds will be returned to the source account on the 10th working day.

What happens if I set a deposit intention for a specific amount e.g. £20,000, but I then split this into multiple deposits e.g. 4 x £5,000

Our systems are based on a one to one match between intention and deposit made. The next time you log into the dashboard you will presented with four deposits to review, where you can accept or reject these funds on a deposit by deposit basis.

I don’t recognise a deposit you have allocated to me, what should I do?

If you don’t recognise a deposit, you can choose to reject it in your dashboard and it will be returned to the source account.

How do I deposit funds on the platform?

You can read the details about how to deposit funds on the platform here

S. The Access Account Marketplace

What is the Access Account Marketplace?

Whilst the way your investments work day-to-day and pay interest won’t change at all, the Access Account Marketplace will give investors greater control over the withdrawal of invested funds and new investment options.   

By providing investors with a marketplace, we will continue to connect those investors looking to withdraw their funds with those looking to invest, but now we will be able to provide you with the option to apply a discount to loan holdings if you wish, which could help to speed up the withdrawal process, providing there is demand from other investors. 

It’s important to understand that any discounts that you may choose to offer are at the discretion of each investor based on their personal liquidity needs and are not a decision made by other investors or by Assetz Capital. Discounts are entirely optional and may help speed the early withdrawal of capital from loan investments if you offer them, otherwise withdrawals will continue in the same manner as before. 

Simply put, if you create a Withdrawal Instruction with say, a 1% discount on £100 of Access Account investments, you would receive £99 cash as soon as a matching Invest Instruction was found. The investor who invested in your loan holding at a discount will receive £100 worth of loan holdings for £99 - effectively getting a bonus £1 worth of loan holdings.

Why have you introduced the Access Account Marketplace?

Due to the impact of Coronavirus the Access Accounts are presently unable to achieve the same high levels of liquidity they enjoyed prior to the pandemic, meaning withdrawals are slower than usual.

Therefore, we have introduced the Access Account Marketplace - a new way for our platform to work within these difficult market conditions, and to try to speed up current withdrawal requests for those who are willing and able to offer a discount.

The marketplace allows you to invest into any of our range of Access Accounts and automatically take advantage of any discounts that may have been applied by an investor looking to withdraw their funds.  

This won’t change the way your investments work day-to-day but the Access Account Marketplace will provide the prospect of greater liquidity for those looking to withdraw their funds and offer some benefit to those who are looking to invest, by potentially receiving a discount on their investment. Discounts will only be available if existing lenders have chosen to offer loan parts at a reduced price.

Will anything change in my dashboard?

Yes. You’ll see a few small changes across the dashboard, and we’ve tried to keep it as straightforward as possible. 

You will see a new box called ‘My Access Account Marketplace Instructions’ just above the Access Accounts. Here you will be able to keep track of any current or past ‘Invest’ or ‘Withdraw’ instructions.

I've already got a withdrawal request pending - do I need to do anything else?

If you’ve already made a withdrawal request and it’s awaiting withdrawal, you don’t need to take any further action. Your request has automatically been converted to a ‘par value’ (0% discount) marketplace Withdrawal Instruction and will retain its position in the queue. This withdrawal instruction will continue to be fulfilled over time on a pro-rata basis (as is currently the case). You can find more information on how this works here. Essentially, if you don’t want to make use of the discounting feature of the new marketplace, you don’t need to take any action, your existing withdrawal request(s) will be preserved and withdrawal payments will continue on the same basis as at present.

However, if you would like to use the Access Account Marketplace to sell your loan holdings at a discount to potentially speed up your withdrawal (subject to demand from buyers at the discount level you choose to set), you’ll need to cancel your original withdrawal request and create a new one. 

How do I withdraw my Access Account loan holdings at a discount?

Only funds invested in the Quick Access Account (QAA) can be traded on the marketplace and at a discount. So, if you have funds that have served their notice period from the 30 Day or 90 Day Access Accounts and you want to take advantage of the discount facility, you’ll need to move some or all of your funds into the QAA in order to offer loan holdings for sale at a discount. 

If you already have a pending withdrawal request from the 30DAA or 90DAA that has served its notice period but would like to offer your holdings at a discount, you’ll need to cancel those old par value withdrawal requests and direct your money to the QAA - you will earn the QAA rate of interest until any withdrawal is completed. Then follow the process below. 

- Click ‘Withdraw’ on the Quick Access Account box in your dashboard

- Select the destination you wish to withdraw your funds to and enter the amount you’d like to withdraw

- Click on ‘Discounting Options’

- Enter the chosen discount you’d like to sell at

This is the same process for those wishing to sell investments that were already in the QAA.

Once you’ve followed this process above, the system will indicate the amount of funds that are immediately available for withdrawal based on the discount you’ve chosen and demand from other investors to invest into the Access Accounts. The system will show you the amount of money offered by other investors to match your withdrawal request and discount. It’s important to note that this is a live marketplace, so we cannot guarantee the amount indicated will remain available. 

The amount available for withdrawal is all based on demand from other investors looking to invest. So, it may not be possible to fulfil some or all your withdrawal request immediately. In this scenario, you have the option to change your chosen discount or create a Marketplace Instruction to automatically withdraw your funds at the discount you have entered, as soon as there is matching investor demand in the future. 

If you have applied a discount to your Withdrawal Instruction, you’ll be asked to confirm you understand that withdrawing your funds at a discount will reduce the amount of capital you receive (in effect, you are creating a reduction in your capital equal to the discount you choose to set) and, once matched with an Invest Instruction, you withdrawal at a discount cannot be cancelled or reversed. 

For extra security, you’ll need to complete two-factor authentication (2FA) when you withdraw or create a Withdrawal Instruction. 

How does the discounting work?

In its simplest form, the marketplace will automatically connect those looking to invest and withdraw who have matched discounting instructions. 

For example, if an investor wanted to sell £5,000 of their QAA loan holdings at a discount of 2%, and another investor was happy to invest £5,000 at the same discount level, these instructions would be matched, and the requests would be fulfilled. If there are a number of investors with the same discount, the system will operate on a first come, first served basis. 

When setting a Withdrawal Instruction, you can set a discount amount of your choosing.  This means that whilst your loan holdings could be sold to a number of investors with varying discounting targets, your Withdrawal Instruction will never match with an Invest Instruction greater than your chosen discount. 

Whilst we try to give you as much real-time information as possible at the point of setting a Withdrawal Instruction, this is a live marketplace. Therefore, we can’t guarantee or hold the amount immediately available at a given discount for any period of time.  If an Invest Instruction is no longer matched by the other investors that the system previously saw as available when you select withdraw (likely due to another investor matching on the marketplace before you), the system will reject the instruction and provide you with a new indication of based on the updated current Invest Instructions in the marketplace.   

Can I change my mind after selling my loan holdings at a discount?

It’s really important to be comfortable with the level of discount you apply to your loan holdings. Once you have selected to withdraw any  funds that were able to be immediately matched to other investors wanting to invest (and completed 2FA) the action cannot be reversed, and the relevant loan holdings have now been sold to another investor and withdrawn funds will be processed to your chosen destination. 

If you have created a Withdrawal Instruction at a chosen discount, you are able to cancel it at any time - providing the instruction has not already been matched with a invest instruction. Simply head to the Access Account Marketplace box in your dashboard, select the withdrawal instruction and press cancel. 

How can I keep track of my Withdrawal Instructions?

You can keep track of your Withdrawal Instructions and whether they have been fulfilled in the Access Account Marketplace box in your dashboard. 

You'll also be able to keep track of any Withdrawal Instructions that have been fulfilled or cancelled by clicking past instructions. 

How long will it take to withdraw my Access Account holdings at a discount?

This new functionality will bring an active marketplace that is better suited to more difficult market conditions and those still wanting to withdraw quickly. Unfortunately, we’re not able to predict how long this will take and we certainly cannot guarantee that a discount will lead to an immediate sale. Like any marketplace it will depend on the demand and supply available and the use of discounts is intended to incentivise new investors to buy your loan holdings from you quicker than at par value.  

If I cancel a par value withdrawal from the 30DAA or 90DAA and transfer to the QAA to then have the choice of a discounted withdrawal through the marketplace, what rate of interest will I earn until that withdrawal?

You will earn the QAA payable rate of interest from the point you cancel the 30DAA or 90DAA withdrawal request that has served its notice period and choose to transfer some or all of your funds to the QAA.

I make regular deposits through a Standing Order into a designated account – what happens to these?

Regular deposits and Standing Orders will automatically take the best discounts available at the time they are processed so they are not disadvantaged by investing directly into an account. 

Can I reinvest my interest payments at a discount?

Yes. You can set a discount level for interest repayments by logging into your dashboard and clicking on the ‘Withdraw Interest’ link. From here, you can choose the level of discount at which you are willing to reinvest your interest payments along with specifying the account you wish to withdraw your interest to.

Please remember that money held against a pending Invest Instruction at discount will not be earning any interest as it will not yet be invested in loans.

Will withdrawing at a discount mean that I lose some of my capital investment?

Yes, you will lose a proportion of your capital, dependant on the size of the discount you have set. When you set up a Withdraw Instruction, you can choose the level of discount you wish to apply to withdraw your account holdings and you will be given a total figure of what selling at the discounted rate equates to. A modest discount might only represent a loss equivalent to a number of months’ interest earned previously. This is similar to requesting early access to other illiquid or term investments where penalties are charged for early access. In our case however, this discount goes to the new investor, not to Assetz Capital.  And you do not have to set a discount if you don’t want to – it’s entirely up to you.

How do I invest at a discount using the Access Account Marketplace?

Firstly, it’s important to note that although you may have any number of Invest or Withdraw Instructions at the same time, you are limited to one type per Access Account i.e. you can only invest into an Access Account that doesn’t have a current Withdrawal Instruction.

Please note, Standard and IFISA-wrapped Access Accounts are treated separately, so it's possible to have a Withdrawal Instruction in the Standard 30 Day Access Account for example, and also have an Invest Instruction in the IFISA-wrapped 30 Day Access Account.

If you’re investing funds that aren’t already in your Cash Account, you will need to add your deposit intentions:

- Head to the ‘Manage funds’ tab in your dashboard and select 'Deposit Funds'

- Choose ‘one -off deposit’ or ‘regular deposit’ if you plan to deposit a set amount on a regular basis

- Enter the exact amount you plan to deposit  

Once the funds are in your Cash Account, you’re ready to get started.

- Click ‘Invest’ on Access Account you would like to invest in 

- Enter the amount you would like to invest

- The marketplace will let you know the biggest available discount that some or all of your funds can be invested at. If there are no discounts are available, you can invest at par value (0% discount) immediately.  

- Alternatively, you can set an instruction to invest at a discount of your choosing.

However, it’s important to remember that your funds will not become invested and interest bearing until a matching Withdrawal Instruction is found. You can cancel this instruction at any time, providing it has not already been matched.

How can I keep track of my Invest Instructions?

You can keep track of your Invest Instructions and whether they have been fulfilled in the Access Account Marketplace box in your dashboard. 

You’ll be able to see all active instructions including any that have been fulfilled or cancelled.  

How long will it take to invest using the Access Account Marketplace?

Like any marketplace, the trading of Access Account loan holdings depends on the demand and supply available. If you wish to invest at par value, you will be able to do this instantly. 

However, if you have set an Invest Instruction at a particular level of discount, we cannot predict how long it will take nor guarantee that a matched Withdrawal Instruction will be found. Please remember that money held against a pending invest instruction at discount will not be earning any interest as it will not yet be invested in loans. 

What are the tax implications when using the marketplace to sell loan holdings with a discount?

We are not able to offer specific tax advice, so we recommend that you consult a professional tax adviser if you are uncertain about how selling at a discount will need to be acted upon with regard to your individual tax circumstances and reporting.

Investors can download a tax statement from their account dashboard which will calculate the amount of interest earned within a specified period for tax purposes.

T. Closed Q&A FAQ

Closed Q&A Useful Information

From August 2023 the Loan Q&A Section is now closed to new questions.The Q&A page will remain visible but is now “read only” and will act as a repository of all historic Q&A for each loan so that Investors will have access to them if needed.Questions about loans, that would previously have been raised via the Loan Q&A, should be sent to –

Rules relating to the answering of questions about loans, sent via the enquiries email inbox.

  • A question must relate specifically to the structure/workings and/or due diligence documentation relating to that particular loan.
  • If you have a question which falls outside of the above definition you may wish to refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page, which is designed to provide you with a quick accurate answer to the questions we get asked regularly. If you don’t find your answer there, we offer a number of alternative methods of communicating with us:
    • If you’d like to offer us some feedback, please do so via We welcome all feedback, positive or negative, and try to use all constructive comments that we receive to help to shape our offering.
    • If you need to make a complaint, please click here - Complaints - to see all the information you will need to do so.

Standard Timelines for Loan Question Responses.

We aim to answer questions, that can be answered internally (i.e.: by a member of the AC team) within 10 days.

For questions which can’t be answered by the AC Team, and which are reliant on other third parties for information or clarification, an acknowledgement of your email will be made. We will then endeavour to provide an answer within 7 days.

In the event that we cannot provide a full answer within this time frame, you will be provided with an update on progress and a further projected timescale for a specific answer to the question.

Our ability to achieve these timelines is dependent on the nature of the question, its complexity and any reliance we must place on third parties outside of our business.

Please be aware that in some instances we will be unable to provide an answer despite best endeavours to do so.

If you have any questions or need help or assistance, please contact us via the enquiries email address above or via the “LiveChat” feature available on the Investor Platform.